Moving the Blog

As promised, I’m moving my writing to a new, self-hosted blog over at

I did a few fancy backend changes, so many of you will continue to receive updates as you have been. In fact, most of you will never even see this message. However if you’re reading this and┬ádidn’t see my most recent post (it went up today just minutes before this one), then you may have to subscribe again on the new site.

Fear and Traveling

Today I wanted to share a comic I found a few months ago by artist Natalie Nourigat. I think she manages to strike a tone that is often difficult to achieve: honest and confident but still accepting and humble:

Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Traveling



Posting Delay Due to Mars Fire Power

I spent all weekend at the wonderful Emerald City ComicCon, dressing up, watching my friends do great things, and working a booth. So I don’t have a post today, but just for funsies here’s a link to the Photographic Novel I did for six years. This was our last convention selling the books in person, and maybe the last thing I do for Night Zero. Of course, I’ve said that many times before…

Night Zero